Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Copy South Become a Superstar!!!!

Hey everyone i am back after a hiatus. Was with the busy chores of life trying to walk with it. And now am back to hit the rocks. This time I would like to discuss about the great Indian Bollywood industry, which is called the Sapnon ki Nagari. Actually this bug had bit me decades ago. Whereas Bollywood is a part of my life since my childhood days.
                           Bollywood is a transparent curtain where people get to showoff their personalities and in return get fame and wealth with a cover of sincerity and innocence. A curtain which raises to entertain others with spicy gossips and scandals. Well it can be said that it has its own history relying on others story. I know it sounds strange but the truth is that copying south Indian flicks and pasting in Bollywood has become a trend in India. So every film maker has come across this formula and is earning loads of money. This has become a culture in Bollywood to remake Tollywood films in Hindi and become a Superstar and grab piles of pennies. Getting into the shoes of a South Indian actor has always been a hard task but when it comes to Bollywood our actors make it a point to grab the role and invent something new out of it. And this forces the audiences to get attracted towards the actors and become their fan. This also increases the fan following of the lead for example when our Sallu Bhai was facing troublesome and had to proceed repeatedly towards the court and police station, at that point of time his fan following had reduced. And he got a chance and a role of Radhe Mohan in TereNaam which was a remake of south Indian Flick called 'Sethu'. Which gave Salman Khan his fame back with beautiful casting, music, dialogues and I definitely cannot forget the hair style which still sustains in the society. Then came many other films which contained the copied content of Tollywood. I can name many of them which gave a blast on the Box Office collection like Singham-Kempe Gowda(Kannada), Rowdy Rathore- Vikramarkudu(Telugu), Ghajini-Ghajini(Tamil), Wanted-Pokiri(Telugu) and many more.The important thing is that inspite of the content being same the movie gets so many  viewers and appreciations.
They have the same content but the director can be credited for creating something new from the repeated creation. And that is why our stars are slowly becoming the international heroes without stepping in Hollywood.

Anya Khan


  1. True, Tollywood movies are all entertainment and no brains. That's what attracts the mob towards Tollywood movies. I like watching south Indian movies (obviously dubbed in Hindi)because I can give my brain some rest and just enjoy the movie.
    The action sequences in south Indian movies is the part that I enjoy the most. The splitting bullets and the foot tornado are some really innovative ideas.

  2. Act whenv watch the south Indian flicks v get attracted easily to it and later dont feel lyk watching bollywood remake....

  3. wel u r 100% rite,but these movies r made on a much bigger budget n are far better than their orignals...n who would wanna miss seeing salman,akshay kumar n ajay devgan...performing sme awsme stunts in these movies..wel i definitely wont..such is d craze of our bollywood actors that even if they do remakes...it is a hit..

  4. Act it depends on the fan following..and dat s the reason ppl frm each country watch their movies..

  5. Its true yaar.. but at the same time Bollywood is also criticises for these types of movies. Some critics says Bollywood has lost its creativity, now they don't try to come up with new ideas & stories. Seems they are much more interested in copying movies from south. In short Bollywood has lost its originality.

  6. Bollywood has already made so many movies that there s no content left in and out...