Thursday, 10 November 2011

Music: Soul of my Life

Rhythm has always been a part of my life, feels like its a soul of mine and i have to stay with it., Otherwise my life will become tasteless. As it is always stated that 'Music is the soul' which is true. Since ages music is utilized to show off the emotions for which our Indian cinema is very much popular. Indian music has spread all over the world in every individual's heart. It takes years to create such an impact so has our Music done the neatful. Well in every aspect of life we have at least one song related to it. If we are sad our mind diverts to 70's and 80's songs like 'Yeh kya hua'. A wellknown track picturised on our KAKA (Rajesh Khanna), Happy days refer to songs from 90's and 2k songs like 'Aaj main upar, Aasman niche' a sweet song from Khamoshi' , beautifully directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Well these are just few examples given to showcase our Indian Cinema. We shouldn't leave the music directors behind, because they are the only soul behind the rhythm we have followed. Panchamda ( R.D Burman), Kalyanji Anandji, Laxmikant Pyarelalji and many more have composed 1000 songs or more than that and are dwelling in our hearts. We still  keep humming and singing the Sholay song 'Mehbooba O Mehbooba' which was remade several times but authentication cannot be ever remade. And so many other Music directors and composers have done in recent times like our lovely A.R. Rahman has added taste to the songs and made songs for our youth. The melodious and soothing music of Rahman every time leaves a mark in our minds and souls. And nevertheless Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy and Vishal- Shekhar cannot be forgotten because they have also busted out in Bollywood. Many have come and gone but only some sustain in the 'FILMY Nagari'. I personally believe that they will always exist in our hearts.
Love Anya :)

Friday, 28 October 2011

Lock kiya Jaaye????

Reality Shows have done spells on the new generation audience. Well you may be thinking why am i talking all this. Actually i too am a fan of some of the reality shows which are seasonal. They air every day on television , however there is a reality show which was commenced 12 years ago and is still going on. Why will it won't if the Shahenshah of Bollywood hosts the show then its natural to go on air for so many years. As Mr. Bacchan has the charisma and the magnetic power to attract people by his healthy dialogues and awesome one liners. Yes am discussing about Kaun Banega Crorepati. Mr. Bacchan used to appear on Star Plus and said '' 9 baj gaye kya'' and all the heads used to turn towards the clock. Well those days were fascinating and interesting as this show was something new and unusual on television. All the fans and people in the house got stuck to the Idiot box after 9pm. Office workers left their work place early to catch the show without fail, house wives completed the household chores in no time and grabbed their places as soon as they could. No parent ever told their children to sleep before 9pm because things were going to be changed after that time. And I still remember then started the Show of All times, I won't ever forget the background music which has been improvised in the recent times. I can't humm it here. Mr. Bacchan has the right to host this show as he knows how to tackle the contestant, throw gags and state his dialogues.Guests always appeared on KBC but  they never looked as one because Mr. Bacchan is such a Superstar and no one else can overcome him. However down the years the show timings have changed, the channel has changed and the viewers too. But I will always be a fan of KBC. 

Anya Khan :)

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Ra. One

Since so many days the Baadshah of bollywood is promoting his Big Flick. And wants the movie to be a great hit as there are many ingredients filled in the movie that can woo audience's heart but it depends on the likes of each individual. As some are mesmerized  with the movie and some are not however as everyone know that has made this movie for his kids as they had demanded for a Role of a Superman, which wasn't ever played in the past by their father. And as he is Shahrukh Khan who never steps back after promising words he did the same. However yesterday the movie was released and the outcome of the movie has different views from different people as like i said some like it and some don't. I was watching a news channel in the morning which gave a negative impact on the movie as the people coming out of the theaters were giving their views. Some said  movie is awesome, some said  its a kiddish flick, some said it is horrible. Well being a SRK Fan i will never ever throw negativity on him as am a hardcore fan of him i very well know that the movie has given a fab opening and could create a record in the BOX OFFICE. One of the renowned Trade Analyst also said that the Hindi version has collected more than 20 crore excluding the Tamil and Telgu versions. Well this is already an achievement for King Khan as he does it every time he releases a movie.
So guys Ra. one is a good flick and a Family oriented movie enjoy it and have a blast.

Happy Diwali once again :)
Anya Khan

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Happy Diwali!!!!!!

Happy Diwali to everyone. This blog hasn't established properly yet however soon when it will, there's gonna be damn fun. Anyways its time for celebrating Diwali with lights and joy. So enjoy Diwali in your way and have fun.
Love Rj Anya :)

Monday, 24 October 2011

My Happy B'day

This is a post about my Happy wala Birthday. A prosperous one between ma colleagues in office. It was a blast between my Management. My "Managers" uffffffffffffff. A bit scary but some nice and proudy feeling. Proud because a junior between so many SENIORs. Hehe and the CAKE we eat on other occassions is used as a face pack on your face. Which was experienced on me too. GOSHHHH!!!!!! Vandy(Ma friend) won't leave you on your celebration.. Hmmmmm.. But overall  it was fab. But sometimes Happy occassions are also incomplete without your special one's. However it wasn't possible for My Best one's to join as they too are busy with there chores. But they were only the 1st one to wish me. Miss u Unny Amby and Angel..
(Guys Hope you like :))

Saturday, 22 October 2011


Its my first day here and i actually did not know about it however had just heard about it but did not pay attention to it as it was something out of the box. Today just saw a blog of my friend and planned to make one for my self. I like to use networking sites as am part of one. Hope this was enough for today. :)