Friday, 2 January 2015

Bigg Boss 8 Ka Ghar


Hello everybody, today I am in a mood to talk about the Bigg Boss 8 contestants and the show. There's a lot of masala been put in this season of BB8 to increase the TRP of the show, like Ali entering as a strict captain, Puneetji fighting with others and fuming on the show, Karishma choosing her make-up than Sushant, Kim Kardashian not getting visa for participating in the show and many more such cases. I would address it as cases because we viewers like to explore it and know about the scenes in detail. This is what a reality show is made for. If the viewers aren't interested in watching, the show goes bonkers.
In this season of BB8 there is a lot of drama because initially the show gained a very rate of low TRP and that’s why there were many angles put in to make it more interesting and less dramatic, well if rumors are to be believed, before entering the show the contestants are been given a contract where the show is already scripted and the actors(contestants) have to give their real and original performances as this acting will judge their future because here the viewers also include film directors. This is a very common thing as everyone knows after getting eliminated from the show they immediately get work in the films or TV serials.
Recently Diandra Soares the Ex contestant of the show, who boosted the TRP of the show by giving the viewers some cozy moments with Gautam Gulati before getting evicted, she has been signed for two films in pivotal roles. Bravo!!! That’s the magic of participating in the show. If you stay in, you get money and if you stay out comparatively you get loads of money depending on how you perform in the house. Like in an episode, Salman Khan announced that Ali has been signed for one of the movies of Sajid Nadiadwala.
However on the flip side, life inside the BB house is very frustrating and irritating when it comes to give it back to people.
And so the recent tiff between Preetam and Dimpy was also a blow up. The more you fight the more you gain viewers, also get famous with your dialogues like “Baap pe mat jaana” or the recent Gautma city Anthem “ We love, We love Gauti”.
WOW!!! Doesn’t it sounds interesting?
I know, that’s why we all are hooked to the show, and religiously watch it. If we miss any of the episodes Toh youtube haina.
Now just a little about the participants:
ALI – the male gossiper, broadcaster or announcer of the house, or as called a “DOUBLE DHOLKI”.  He talks about people, and if people talk about him he gets angry and walks off and if need be climbs the roof. I swear on my MOM (ouch)
PREETAM – Entertainer, cute, comedian, mimicry artist and many more, sometimes gets out of the track and talks behind people’s back to avoid situations.
GAUTAM- a versatile actor, Puneetji ka laadla . He likes to be in front of the camera, don’t want anyone to miss his facial expressions.
KARISHMA – Short tempered, pampered kid, great actor, She talks on the face and doesn’t withhold her emotions, sometimes argues with Salman khan. OH and gets it back from Bhaijan.
PUNEET – Well organized person, good cook (as shown, never tasted his food though), full energy, usually seen weeping.
SONALI: Well, what can I say about this Girl, she is carefree, least bothered in any gossips going around, Mast Maula, and the coolest captain ever in the house of Bigg boss.
Dimpy – self defender, gossiper, creepy voice when shouts, competitive contender.

After writing so much I think there is always one thing about the show. You will at least relate yourself to any of the person in the BB house.

Thank you guys.

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