Friday, 28 October 2011

Lock kiya Jaaye????

Reality Shows have done spells on the new generation audience. Well you may be thinking why am i talking all this. Actually i too am a fan of some of the reality shows which are seasonal. They air every day on television , however there is a reality show which was commenced 12 years ago and is still going on. Why will it won't if the Shahenshah of Bollywood hosts the show then its natural to go on air for so many years. As Mr. Bacchan has the charisma and the magnetic power to attract people by his healthy dialogues and awesome one liners. Yes am discussing about Kaun Banega Crorepati. Mr. Bacchan used to appear on Star Plus and said '' 9 baj gaye kya'' and all the heads used to turn towards the clock. Well those days were fascinating and interesting as this show was something new and unusual on television. All the fans and people in the house got stuck to the Idiot box after 9pm. Office workers left their work place early to catch the show without fail, house wives completed the household chores in no time and grabbed their places as soon as they could. No parent ever told their children to sleep before 9pm because things were going to be changed after that time. And I still remember then started the Show of All times, I won't ever forget the background music which has been improvised in the recent times. I can't humm it here. Mr. Bacchan has the right to host this show as he knows how to tackle the contestant, throw gags and state his dialogues.Guests always appeared on KBC but  they never looked as one because Mr. Bacchan is such a Superstar and no one else can overcome him. However down the years the show timings have changed, the channel has changed and the viewers too. But I will always be a fan of KBC. 

Anya Khan :)

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