Thursday, 27 October 2011

Ra. One

Since so many days the Baadshah of bollywood is promoting his Big Flick. And wants the movie to be a great hit as there are many ingredients filled in the movie that can woo audience's heart but it depends on the likes of each individual. As some are mesmerized  with the movie and some are not however as everyone know that has made this movie for his kids as they had demanded for a Role of a Superman, which wasn't ever played in the past by their father. And as he is Shahrukh Khan who never steps back after promising words he did the same. However yesterday the movie was released and the outcome of the movie has different views from different people as like i said some like it and some don't. I was watching a news channel in the morning which gave a negative impact on the movie as the people coming out of the theaters were giving their views. Some said  movie is awesome, some said  its a kiddish flick, some said it is horrible. Well being a SRK Fan i will never ever throw negativity on him as am a hardcore fan of him i very well know that the movie has given a fab opening and could create a record in the BOX OFFICE. One of the renowned Trade Analyst also said that the Hindi version has collected more than 20 crore excluding the Tamil and Telgu versions. Well this is already an achievement for King Khan as he does it every time he releases a movie.
So guys Ra. one is a good flick and a Family oriented movie enjoy it and have a blast.

Happy Diwali once again :)
Anya Khan

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